An Introduction to Sri Nammazhwaar & Thiruvoimozhi


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Nammāzhwar has written four compositions and each one is compared to a particular Veda. The Thiruvoimozhi is composed to Saama Veda. This work brings out in all its holiness the Lord’s Kalyaana gunas, the greatness of His various avataaras and the message of Prapatthi (self-surrender) as the easiest means to attain moksha.

This book is on the third thousand viz. Thiruvoimozhi and presents a) all aspects concerning the author, Nammāzhwar, and a general introduction to Thiruvoimozhi b) English translation of the most famous commentaries viz. 6000 Pādi vyakyaanam in a summarized form and Dramidopanishad Taatparya Ratnaavali in full.

Author:K R Krishnaswami