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Temple Projects

K. R. Krishnaswami, popularly known as KRK maama, started his temple kainkaryam in the 1970s. His first-assigned effort was with regard to the mammoth Rajagopuram project at Srirangam. He went around the Bombay community and used his clout as a manager of ICI to advantage, collected a sizeable amount and sent it to the 44th Azhagiyasingar, the force behind the project. This was followed by kainkaryams in the form of building steps / electrification / grill work at yajna shalais at Hyderabad and Tamilnadu.

The biggest project to-date however was the rebuilding / reconstruction of a neglected and dilapidated Desika Kshethram devoted to Sri Varadarajar – here there were only temple structures needing urgent repairs. Today, there is a temple complex with Rajagopuram, Thirumadapulli, masonry compound, teak wood Mahaadwaaram, renovated vimanagopurams, proper flooring and an āchārya Kuteeram for use by visiting Swamijis.

A couple of years back a new sannidhi/temple annexe for Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar, wherein the work started right from the installation of the idol. The work involved converting a room into Grabagriham constructions of fore-hall, front annexe, a new Thirumadapalli, and a separate Rajagopuram for Hayagreevar.

The total expenditure in achieving the temple complex came to about Indian Rupees 300 lacs.

The temple of Sri Ranganathar dating back to Krithayuga did not have a Rajagopuram. This is one of the three Kshethras after Srirangam and Srirangapatnam, known as Madhyarangam, which is just 5Kms from the Sathyagaalam complex. KRK mama was approached for building a 76-feet Rajagopuram requiring about Indian Rupees. 130 lacs. The project took two years to complete and whoever has visited Madhyarangam is pleasantly surprised to see an imposing Rajagopuram.

Meanwhile, requests came from Melkote’s Sri Vedantha Desikar’s Sannidhi for renovating the 600-year old Sannidhi – the walls and flooring were in awful condition and fore-court was looking like a cowshed. Lot of planning and of course, funds (over Indian Rupees 65 lacs) was required to convert the old Sannidhi into an attractive place. (All the Vadagalai Swamijis have praised the work that has been undertaken).

Closely following on the heels of completion of the Melkote project, the temple committee of 3-4 centuries old temple at Kethandapatti (Tirupattur district of Tamilnadu) requested for assistance to build a Rajagopuram for their temple.

Estimates have been made and funds collection is in full swing. The start-up of the work is awaiting formal permission from the Tamilnadu Government, which is stuck down/lack of staff. The work will start as soon as the permission is received.

Towards the end of the last decade, a major project to remodel the entire temple space to accommodate the huge number of devotees visiting the Andavan Ashramam, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, particularly during HH Andavan’s visit was undertaken at a huge cost. The project work involved relocating of the sannidhis, flooring and beautification, besides the provisioning of five vimaana gopurams.

Sri Krishnaswami has been at the forefront of Veda-Prabhandha goshti of Andavan Ashramam Secunderabad / Bengaluru for nearly three decades.